Looking For Quality Flooring Services? Honeycomb Is An Industry Leader In Commercial Flooring

Floor Remediation and Moisture Control

Without proper moisture remediation - mold, mildew, floor bubbling, and adhesive failure can occur. High levels of pH and moisture vapor emissions can cause the flooring installation process to ultimately fail. Our trained staff at Honeycomb knows that all concrete slabs contain moisture - and how moisture interacts between flooring material and concrete. Once appropriate testing is done, a technician can decide which materials should be used at the job site. This is critical for the absolute best flooring installation.

Removal of Existing Flooring

Our crew here at Honeycomb Flooring uses the cleanest and safest methods to remove the existing flooring in place. With our state of the art equipment, we assure our customers their new flooring will perform as designed. Again, we can work with any budget and efficiently remove any flooring for the best price. We will remove old hardwood, tile, you name it, we’ll remove it. Afterwards we will clean it up, take it away - and start your installation process as soon as possible.

Project Management

To avoid delays and increased costs, Honeycomb employs an intricate project management system on all flooring projects. There are a lot of steps in the installation process, so we want to make sure our customer knows our timeline from start to finish. However, if a surprise or disruption affects any step within the installation process - we always have a Plan B. In the end, we want our customers to save money and be happy with the timely service we provide. Do not hesitate to ask us for timeline examples for your particular project!

Flooring Selection and Design

When it finally comes time to select the flooring type and design, keep in mind some of the things we discussed in Conceptual and Design Development. Select flooring that matches the level of traffic in the space it is being placed. Customers should also remember different flooring options require different levels of maintenance. We are here to go over all the details of every product we carry. Our options include - carpet, carpet squares, hardwood, or event flooring that is taken out post-event. We have a wide variety of colors, texture, and sizes to choose from.

Conceptual and Design Development

Every successful project begins by truly understanding what the customer is looking for. Before aesthetics are taken into consideration, we want to make sure the appropriate flooring is selected. This will guarantee your flooring will last for its entire product life cycle. We know creating the perfect space can be hard - we are here to make the experience smooth and simple. Our design consultants are here to offer suggestions and give you background on each and every brand we carry. In addition to selecting the right flooring, don’t be afraid to ask your consultant about additional services such as, blinds and window treatments. We can install carpet, hardwood flooring, carpet squares and event flooring.

Budget Planning

No project is too big or too small for us at Honeycomb. With a budget in hand, we work with our customers to give them the best products for their dollar. Call us today for a free consultation with free estimates - guaranteed we can meet your needs and budget!

Drapery and Blinds

Great flooring needs great drapery and blinds to match. We can happily install any drapes or blinds you may have, after the flooring installation process is complete.